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Award winning Short film of the Edinburgh 48h Film Project 2022
Best Film of the competition, best graphics and best editing.

      MEAT (2022)
Directed by Szymon. M Clivaz
Producer: Stefan Nachtsheim
Director of photography: Natoli Laszlo Migdal Production consultant: Paula Wengerodt


Nominated for best sound, best writing, best director, Global Scot award and best acting. 

LEAVE (2022)


The following short film contains depiction of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Directed by Jaimie Bustuttil

Written & produced by Jaimie Busuttil and Natoli Migdal

Filmed and edited by Natoli Migdal

1st Assistant Director: Millicent m Saunders

Sound Operator: Robert Galloway

Makeup Artist: Claire O' Neil

Stunt Coordinator: Jamie McAllister

Set Photographer/Making Of: Paula Wengerodt

Sound Design: Lachlan Roberston

Original Soundtrack: Yves Migdal 


Written in two weeks, shot in three days during COVID lockdown, with 20£ budget.


Jaimie Bustuttil

Lachlan Roberston

Jack Wragg

Natoli Migdal

If you like Guy Ritchie, gangster films, dark humor and have 15 minute of free time.

This short is for you. 

Grapes of Wrath (2021)

Directed by Jaimie Busuttil

Filmed and edited by Natoli Migdal 


2nd Assistant Camera: Gabriela Aranz

Boom Operator: Robert Galloway

Lighting technician: Gabriela Aranz

Three Scottish teens will test their friendship while attempting to crash a party.

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